As The Cold Settles In, State Observes Winter Weather Awareness

Nov 7, 2019

Credit Ebowalker

We're all aware that fall has made a hard transition to the next season, but a state Emergency Management spokesperson says winter requires extra attention to safety.

Gov. Tony Evers has declared this week as Winter Awareness Week in Wisconsin.

Spokesperson Andrew Beckett from the Division of Emergency Management says the week is designated so people start thinking ahead to when the weather turns more cold and snowy.

He says make sure you have a home emergency kit stocked up in case snow and ice keep you inside for a few days. The question you should ask is, what happens if the power goes out?

He says travelers should also be ready...

"...Make sure they have that emergency kit inside the car. Carry an extra snow shovel. Make sure you have extra hats and gloves inside your vehicle. If they get stranded somewhere, they can wait safely until help can arrive. Car kits are very important this time of the year because if you get stuck in a snowbank, especially in a storm, it may take time for a tow truck to get to you..."

Beckett says sometimes people risk an accident by simply trying to travel when they shouldn't. He says unless absolutely necessary, stay home in heavy snow...

"...Wisconsin maintains a website 5 that has information on major routes throughout the state. The current road conditions, traffic conditions. you can see cameras positioned throughout the state so you can see what the roads look like. You can see what conditions those roads are in..."

Beckett says all you need to do is remember last winter, with periods of extreme cold and deep snow, to know that thinking ahead is the smart thing to do.