Communities Asked To Join State Broadband Program

Jul 7, 2016


Earlier this week, Governor Scott Walker announced a new initiative called the Broadband Forward Community Certification Program. A state spokesperson says the program will help communities pave the way for improved broadband coverage.

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin spokesperson Elise Nelson says the program makes it easier for communities to get through the application process....

"....the Broadband Forward Community Certification Program is meant to coordinate and streamline administrative procedures for the deployment of local broadband projects. The program is open to communities statewide...."

Nelson says program participation sends a signal to funders that a community wants broadband...

"...there's no mandate to participate, but broadband certification shows a signal that a community supports broadband access and is taking is seriously by encouraging greater public and private broadband investment...."

Governor Walker said improving internet speeds is a type of welcome mat for more broadband investment. Municipalities interested in applying for the certification program are encouraged to go to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin website for more information. Money is allotted yearly from the universal Service Fund cash reserves to fund grants over a four year period.