DNR Official Says Deer Hunt Is Big Money For Wisconsin

Nov 21, 2019

Credit U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

On the eve of the Wisconsin gun deer hunt, the economic impact of hunting on rural Wisconsin is dramatic says a DNR official.

Scott Loomans is the Division Administrator for the Fish, Wildlife and Parks Division. He says people don't often see this as an economic impact issue, but he says there are big dollars involved...

"...Hunting in general is a $2.5 billion, with a 'b', event in Wisconsin and the nine-day gun deer season is 88 percent of that impact. It does mobilize a lot of people. They have to buy fuel and food and gear. It's something that gets people excited and it has a big shot in the arm for the state..."

Loomans says deer hunting is 'the big homecoming', and in doing so they spend money the whole way. Loomans says Wisconsin is a top place where visitors come to hunt... 

"My understanding is we're #2 in the country in non-resident license sales. We are definitely a destination. I don't think that's all hunters trotting the globe looking for the biggest buck I think the homecoming aspect of it are a big part of those non-resident sales...."

Last year in Wisconsin, 539,000 licenses were sold.