DNR Taking New Look At Recreation In Wisconsin

Jan 31, 2017

Credit Courtesy: Wisconsin DNR

The DNR is kicking off an effort to look at recreational opportunities and needs across Wisconsin.

The project, officially called a Recreation Opportunities Analysis, or ROA, aims to identify future recreational needs across the state, and the DNR role.

DNR recreation specialist Cameron Bump says in areas like the recreation-heavy Northwoods, this study will look at the entire registration offerings in a region and the state...

"....instead of taking a snapshot look at what recreation can be property by property, we're going to look at state(opportunities) and particular regions as a whole and look at what recreation opportunities might be in different regions of the state...."

Bump says one element of the effort is to facilitate full implementation of 2013 legislation requiring that roads on department property be designated as open or closed for motorized use. He says they will see what are the recreation priorities in given state regions. Bump says public involvement in this effort is important. Open house meetings and outreach by the DNR to user groups and others will provide key opportunities for public involvement...

"....through those information meetings and information gathering exercises, we'll be putting together regional reports. Those regional reports will reflect on what we gathered through those public informational meetings...."

Bump says for more information about recreational opportunities analysis and to sign up to receive information and how to participaate, go to the DNR website and search keyword "ROA."