DOT Says Slow Down, Return To Winter Driving Habits For Thanksgiving Weekend

Nov 26, 2019

Credit Wisconsin DOT

 This is among the busiest travel times of the year and Mother Nature is not making it easy.

A large winter storm is bearing down on northern Wisconsin. Lots of snow, motorists coming home for Thanksgiving plus deer hunters will make an interesting mix on Wisconsin's roadways.

The Department of Transportation's Rob Miller says caution is the word...

"...The best advice for people out there traveling, keep an eye on the weather. Check the 5-1-1 system before you head out. It will let you know what road conditions are like. Let you know about any incidents or delays. Buckle up, watch your speed and be patient and alert...."

Miller says it's time we remember winter driving safety tips...

"..slow down, allow extra following distance. Allow yourself extra time to reach your destination. With the Thanksgiving holiday here, we know people all want to get to their destinations. They want to spend time with family. But safety has to be the top consideration here. Keep an eye on those weather conditions...."

Miller says if road conditions get worse, consider postponing your drive until things improve and the snowplows can catch up.

He says if you must travel, check the state's 5-1-1 system, have your cell phone fully charged and make sure your vehicle is in good condition. Take along some blankets, water and food too in case you get stranded.