Drain Campaign This Weekend To Lower Spread Of AIS

Jun 6, 2017

Credit pixabay.com

One of Wisconsin's worst aquatic invasive species, the spiny water flea, loves undrained live wells in boats.

This weekend, workers and volunteers will be out on area lakes hoping anglers and boaters help in stopping the spread of aquatic invasive species.

Oneida County AIS coordinator Stephanie Boismenue says this weekend the county AIS team, lake associations and the DNR are joining in the statewide 'drain' campaign. She says the campaign is geared toward helping anglers realize the importance of draining their live wells and not transporting water in the various places on their boats.

She says it is state law to drain boats, but some awareness is always helpful...

"....all boaters are supposed to drain all their water from all of their equipment, regardless of whether it's in the motor, live well, bait bucket, but they also have to be mindful of things such as inner tubes with the floors on them and their canoes and kayaks. They are not immune to transporting invasive species...."

Boismenue says rather than transport fish in a livewell, there's another technique which is also tastier....

"...keeping your fish on ice helps produce a healthier fish to take home and clean and eat. It stops bacterial growth and makes the fish tast a lot better...."

Boismenue says they will be handing out free ice packs while they last to help anglers put their catch on ice.

More information is at Oneida County Land and Water Conservation or the DNR website.