Elcho School District Asks Voters to Approve New Referendum to Cover Operational Costs

Oct 15, 2020

Credit Elcho School District

The Elcho School District is asking voters to approve a referendum that gives the district an additional one million dollars each year for the next four years over normal funding.

Right now, homeowners within the district pay extra $37 per every $100,000 of a home’s value.

That referendum is set to expire.

The new referendum would cost an extra $46 per every $100,000 of a home’s value.

Elcho Superintendent Bill Fischer said that’s still less than what people were paying three years ago.

“You know the fact is the mill rate has been kept in check in this district. The mill rate in 2017-2018 was $7.34. Even if this referendum is approved by the voters at the new revenue limit override amount it will still be $0.41 lower than what the mill rate was in 17-18,” said Fischer.

The money would be  used for operating costs so the district can maintain its current programs and extracurricular opportunities for students.

The district said it only got $11,689 in state aid for the 20-21 school year.

“Our district is funded primarily by taxpayer dollars the way the funding formula is set up our district loses 15-percent of state aid every year,” said Fischer.

If the referendum fails, Fischer said the district will need to start borrowing money in order to meet operating costs and would be out of money before the end of the 22-23 school year.