ERCLA Brings in U.S. Power Squadron for Boat Safety Checks as Busy Boating Season Picks Up

Jun 9, 2021


There’s a lot of safety regulations that come with owning a boat.

So many that it can sometimes be confusing, and something could slip through the cracks.

Before you or someone gets hurts or you get a ticket for a violation, the Eagle River Chain of Lakes Association wants to help check your boat.

“There’s all sorts of federal, state, and local things that are required on anybody’s boat,” said Michael Queoff with the ERCLA.

To help make sure your boat is up to regulation, the ERCLA is hosting the United States Power Squadron.

The squadron is affiliated with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

“There’s about 20 things that they go through on a checklist, answer questions of anybody who is a boater. It’s there as a free service. They’re just really good people and we’re looking forward to having them,” said Queoff.”

They’ll be in Eagle River checking boats this Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. The Power Squadron will be set up at the Riverview Park pier by the Hwy 45 bridge near downtown.

“When your boat passes that you actually get a vessel safety check decal that you can put on your windshield. If the DNR or the Sheriff’s Department is out and about, they may look and say, ‘This guys’ already been checked out by the Power Squadron or the Coast Guard Auxiliary.’ And it’s a pretty nice thing to have,” said Queoff.

You can bring your boat by on a trailer or by water.

Queoff stressed this is an educational event. No tickets will be issued.

“That’s what the Power Squadron is all about is just making sure people that are out on any lake or body of water are being safe and that they have all the proper equipment,” said Queoff.

You can just show up or you can reserve a time slot.

You can call Michael Queoff  at (262) 707-4214 to get select a time or sign up online.