Fair Maps Commission Taking Applications: Lt. Gov. Barnes

Jul 24, 2020

Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes
Credit Wikimedia Commons Lisacheese

Earlier this month, Governor Evers announced the processes for The People’s Maps Commission, a nonpartisan redistricting commission charged with drawing fair, impartial legislative maps following the 2020 U.S. Census.

As had been the common practice, the majority party draws the voting district boundaries.

In 2010, Republicans wrote maps that have been questioned all the way to the Supreme Court. In other decades, Democrats were accused of the same action.

Ken Krall spoke with Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes about the process...


More information is here.

Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes says people often lose their voices with gerrymandering....

"In Wisconsin, 70 percent of the people in this state support non-partisan redistricting. 70 percent of the people in the state support Medicaid expansion, 80 percent support medical marijuana legalization and 80 percent support background checks. But those voices aren't being heard in the halls of the legislature..."

51 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties encompassing nearly 80 percent of Wisconsin’s population have passed resolutions or referenda supporting nonpartisan redistricting Barnes says they want a diverse commission...

"Because this Commission will work for the people of this state, we will include one person from each of the 8 Congressional districts. We're going to make sure there's a black member, a member of the Latin xcommunity and tribal community as well...."

Barnes says applicants must be age 18 not be registered as a lobbyist in the last 5 years; a declared candidate for office or public official, or a lead member of a political party.

Public hearings will be held across the state beginning in September. Deadline to apply is July 31.