Flooding Possible As Snow Turns To Rain This Week

Mar 12, 2019

Credit pixabay.com Perkons

The deep snow of the Northwoods could soon start to melt as a large, but rainy, airmass moves into the area. WJFW Chief Meteorologist Geoff Weller says the rain likely will causes some problems...

"...Now the problem with this is we could see an inch of rain between now and Friday morning. At the same time, the ground is frozen down four feet or so and the storm drains are covered because of all the localized snow we've had recently. The snow piles are very thick and covering the drains right now..."

Besides storm drains that are covered with snow and ice, the ground will offer no help...

"..Everything is still frozen, the frost depth is deep this year, about four feet or so across much of the area. There's 33 inches of snow on the ground right now and a lot of is still covering up storm drains. City crews are doing a good job getting them uncovered before the rain comes in, but it's going to take a lot of effort to get all of them uncovered...."

Weller also says people prone to flooding in their homes might have a problem because he moisture will have nowhere to go...

"..The problem is this water has no place to go. It's going to fall on a frozen ground, it just runs off to the lowest point. If that lowest point is around your basement, that water is going to pond around your concrete walls, and thus your basement..."

Geoff Weller says a strong cold front will come through Thursday night and temperatures will drop below freezing, and likely slowing the runoff. He says there could be an inch or two of snow on Friday.

By Sunday, temperatures will again rise to above 40 degrees for St. Patrick's Day.