Focus Groups to Weigh In on Rhinelander Dining Options

Oct 3, 2014

Restaurant owners in Rhinelander are looking for input about what they can do differently.  Oneida County UW Extension is organizing two focus groups Monday night…to talk about dining options in Rhinelander. 

Extension Agent Tim Brown says several recent surveys have revealed a sense of public dissatisfaction with the Rhinelander restaurant scene.  The focus groups hope to identify some of what the public is looking for. 

“We want to help local businesses do what they do better.  So that more people to downtown, so more people will be coming to local businesses, and so we can really thrive as a local economy.”

Brown is looking for several people between the ages 25 and 45 to sign up for the focus groups.  Other ages will also be represented, and have already signed up.  And Brown says you don’t have to be a food connoisseur to participate. 

“We need anyone who is interested in talking to us about this.  So if you love going out to eat, that’s great and we’d love to hear from you.  If you don’t go out very often, we’re still interested in hearing from you and knowing why that is.”

The focus groups will meet for an hour Monday night at 6 and7 o’clock.