Forest Co. Potawatomi Launch Anti-Opioid Campaign

Dec 5, 2018

Credit Forest County Potawatomi Community

The Forest County Potawatomi Community has begun an aggressive campaign to fight opioid abuse in Forest county.

The public awareness campaign will begin with television ads and print displays around Forest County. It also includes a website, (,) with specific details on where people can find addiction treatment and inpatient or outpatient counseling services.

We spoke with the Health Division Administrator for the Potawatomi community, Julie Beeney, who says the impact of opioids locally is significant...

Forest County Potawatomi Community spokesperson Julie Beeney says besides the media campaign and stepped up law enforcement, they will be enhancing programs already available. Despite having a low county population, the number of opioid-related incidents in Forest county is far above the statewide average.

Sheriff’s department data shows that the county has seen 37 non-fatal opioid related overdoses and nine deaths related to opioids so far in 2018.