Forest History Association of Wisconsin to Hold Informative Luncheon

Sep 7, 2020

Credit Image by David Mark from Pixabay

The Forest History Association of Wisconsin has been around since 1975.

The group focuses on the importance of forest’s in Wisconsin’s past and present.

In the last few years the group has changed its focus.

John Grosman is a retired forester. He’s been with the association since it started in 1975 and is currently the board president.

The association’s mission is to inform, educate, archive, and publish the legacy of Wisconsin’s forest history.

“That’s who we are and what we’re about,” said Grosman. “The refocus now is to rethink how better actionalize the mission statement, especially the part of educating.”

Grosman would love to see the group get more involved with universities and school forests.

He’d also like to see more people get involved in the association to help it fulfill its mission statement.

The association is holding an informative luncheon on September 17th for people who are interested.

“Forests just like people change over the course of generations. They regenerate and renew and they adapt to the world they exist in at the time. So people who are interested in that kind of process I think would enjoy this presentation,” said Grosman.

It’s being held at Angler’s Restaurant which has its own unique history tied to Wisconsin Forestry.

“The site of Angler’s and some remnants of the existing building were part of one of the initial ranger stations built in 1912. They’ll talk to the history of the program and do a little site visit for those who are interested,” said Grosman.

The association will also be holding a series of webinars on various topics pertaining to the forest history in the Northwoods.

You can learn more about the upcoming events and the association on its website.