Gearing up for Cranberry Onslaught

Oct 4, 2013

In spite of a rainy forecast, Eagle River is bracing for some 40,000 visitors to Cranberry Fest. 

The festival expects to sell some 10,000 pounds of fresh cranberries.
Credit Pen Waggener

Organizer Kim Emerson is busy setting up for the weekend festival. 

“Some of the preparations we’re working on is getting all the big tents set up, we’ve got to get all the crafter booths set up so all the vendors know where their spot is, get the fresh cranberries and craisins set up.”

The event expects to sell about 10-thousand pounds of fresh cranberries.  There will also be food vendors with every kind of cranberry preparation you can think of.

“So if you’ve never tried a cranberry it’s a great opportunity to do so.  We’ve got cranberry soda, we’ve got cranberry beer, cranberry brats, cranberry chicken – you name it.”

The Eagle River Chamber is also coordinating cranberry marsh and winery tours.  Wisconsin is the country’s largest cranberry producer, and growers are predicting a record crop this year.