Gov. Walker Calls For Large Increase In Rural Broadband Funding

Dec 1, 2016


Governor Walker is asking the legislature to make large investments in upgrading high speed internet in mostly rural areas of the state.

In comments prepared by his office, Walker asked the legislature to act...

" we called on the state legislature to provide an additional $35.5 million dollars for broadband expansion and technology improvements over the next three years...."

He also wants money to go to schools...

"....the bill would also provide an additional $22.5 million for grants allowing school districts, technical colleges, libraries and other learning institutions to improve their technology and in turn improve learning for our students...."

Walker says if approved, it would triple the state's investment in broadband and technology. The bill also prohibits the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Transportation from requiring appraisals or charging any fee prior to granting permits or easements for the construction of broadband infrastructure in underserved areas.