Gov. Walker Says Money For Div. Of Forestry Move In Budget

Feb 13, 2017

Credit Wikimedia Commons

If the legislature agrees, personnel in the DNR's Division of Forestry could be moving to locations out of Madison and north of Highway 29.

In an interview with WXPR news Friday, Governor Scott Walker highlighted some of his proposals from last week's budget speech.

He described the changes he would like to see for state foresters...

" this budget, we require the State Forester to go and be north of (highway) 29. We put incentives to move the rest of the staff up not just in one location north of 29, but ideally, the way we're looking at it we'd like to have them scattered in multiple sites so their literally out in the field, or woods, in this case. We think that is important to manage our state forests but to work with our partners in the forestry and paper products industry....."

In an interview with WXPR in 2015, State Senator Tom Tiffany of Hazelhurst first mentioned the idea of getting the Division of Forestry closer to state-managed forest lands in northern Wisconsin. Several communities placed bids for the possible relocation. Governor Walker did not detail the possible move, only to say it's in the budget.