Initial Plans For Rhinelander Library Expansion Almost Ready

Aug 13, 2015

Credit Natalie Jablonski

Expansion plans for the Rhinelander District Library continue  as the board works toward the best way to to accomplish that goal.

Consultants have reported the library would need an extra 12,000 square feet to meet growing patron needs. An architectural firm has been retained that has worked with other Carnegie libraries like Rhinelander and has a preliminary proposal.

Library Director Virginia Roberts says they're close to showing the proposal...

".....we've been working on this a long time so we have an architect who has created drawings that are preliminary. We're ready to release those to the public. We're pretty excited where this expansion has gone...."

Roberts says no taxpayer money will be used in the expansion, as they are looking to fund the entire project using private funds. They have retained the services of a consultant to evaluate fundraising potential for the project.

More than 105,000 patrons visited the Rhinelander library last year. More information is available by visiting the library's website at