Key Meeting Tonight Concerning VC ATV Referendum

Aug 26, 2014


Tonight the Vilas County Board will debate how to approach a move to open county roads and land to All-Terrain Vehicles.

Last month before a packed house at the Arbor Vitae town hall, the board altered a nearly ten-year old land use plan banning ATV's on county roads and property to allow for them in land use planning.

But a resolution before the board tonight(8/26) will ask for another advisory referendum to be held November 4 with the straightforward question "Shall ATVs/UTVs be permitted to operate on Vilas County-owned lands and roadways?"

The resolution cites a relative small amount of input last month and the wide interest of the public in the issue.

The Phelps town board has asked  to use county "A" as a main line for their plan to use town roads for ATV's.

In other board action, the board will decide whether to put a second question on the November 4th ballot. At least a dozen counties, including Oneida and Lincoln, have put referendum questions on the ballot November 4 whether to ask the state to accept federal Medicaid money as part of Obamacare. Counties are fearful they will be swamped with people needed assistance as BadgerCare runs out of funds to pay for healthcare for the poor, among other agenda items. The meeting is tonight at 6:30 p.m. p.m. at the Phelps school gymnasium.