Klett Says Dept. of Tourism Could Market Other Agencies

Mar 17, 2015

Stephanie Klett
Credit Wisconsin Department of Tourism

Wisconsin's Tourism Secretary says the state's funding to lure travelers has remained steady in the currently-debated budget, but more positions are being added to help new areas of marketing.

Stephanie Klett says their budget was increased four years ago by more than 2 million dollars..


"....two years ago we were given an appropriation of $200,000 every year to dip our toes into the international market so this year, not much changes with the budget...except....

....Klett says new funding is coming in to add 8 positions to act as a marketing clearinghouse for other state agencies. She says they will be doing public relations work for agencies like Corrections and the DNR.

Klett says the clearinghouse concept went into effect 20 years ago ...

"....but the department was never given any positions to put it into action. So the last four years as we become more and more successful in our marketing efforts other agencies have asked us to help out. And when we buy in bulk we get a better ad deal...."

She says by statute all Tourism does is marketing and the new positions will help in each state department needing that kind of help.