Lake Tomahawk Sets Mark For Constitutional Amendment Voting

Nov 22, 2016

Credit Wikimedia Commons

A spokesperson for a group hoping to amend the U.S. Constitution says the vote in Lake Tomahawk November 8 showed strong bipartisan support to repeal a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on campaign financing.

Spokesperson for Wisconsin United to Amend is George Penn.

Lake Tomahawk residents voted 91 percent in favor of having an amendment saying only humans have rights and money is not the same as free speech. Penn says in a county which strongly went for Donald Trump, it showed this issue has bipartisan support..

. ".....and one of those being astoundingly being the Town of Lake Tomahawk which voted heavily for Trump and Johnson, voted 91 percent(for the amendment) and that is a record yes vote...."

He says in Wisconsin many communities are having the questions on the ballot....

".....we need to build power and we do that by showing them that communities all over Wisconsin. We have 95 communities that have passed the referendum so far, passed the resolution, and we will go for more to build that power until they will listen to us...."

Slightly more than half of the state's population live in the communities that have favored the change. Across the nation, 18 state legislatures have voted in favor of an amendment. Penn says they are in it for the long haul and it likely will take several years for the issue to bubble to the top. United to Amend is a non-partisan organization. More information is at