Lakeland Star Academy Gets $258,000 DPI Funding

Jun 6, 2019

A new charter school in the Minocqua area has been granted more than a quarter-million dollars by the state.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction approved 11 awards totaling more than $7 million in federal funds to plan, open, or expand charter schools. One of the schools getting funding was the the Lakeland Star School Academy, which will open in the fall to all types of learners and more specifically students on the Autism spectrum. The academy will work with students in 7th through 12th grade.

The state's program prioritizes growth for high quality charter schools, especially those that increase access to alternative public school models and improve equity and academic outcomes for students. The total grant is for $258,000.

The department received 21 grant applications, requesting a total of $13.9 million.