Lincoln & Oneida Counties Fail to Pass Tax Increases for Road & Maintenance Projects

Apr 6, 2021


Voters in Lincoln and Oneida County were not in support of raising taxes to pay for road maintenance and other projects in Tuesday's election.

Oneida County had two road funding referendum questions on the ballot.

One called for $500,000 tax increase. The other was an advisory question asking if the county should cut costs elsewhere to pay for road maintenance. Only 46% of voters supported the first question, with the second getting just 41% of support.

Lincoln County also asked voters to increase taxes by $700,000 to pay for roads. It failed with 57% of voters voting against it.

The Town of Newbold in Oneida County was looking to get approval to spend $4.1 million for town hall and shop upgrades. It failed with 58% of voters voting against it.