Listening Session On Merrill's Maple Grove Charter School

Jan 8, 2020

Photo Courtesy WAOW Television

A listening session was held on Tuesday for parents and concerned residents to ask questions about the future of Maple Grove Charter School in the Merrill Area Public School District.

The school has been in Hamburg for 115 years and started as a single room school house. Now, it could be forced to close.

Superintendent John Sample told WAOW Television in November of 2019 that the district board is exploring consolidating due to declining enrollment at the school and across the district, and that consolidating would help provide equal resources to all students in the district.

"My concern down the road, even Maple Grove aside, are the type of decisions the district is offering the board and how the board is handling them and making sure they're actually capable of making good educated decisions versus just trusting what's been handed to them," said Trina Lutzke who is a parent of two kids that attend the school.

The full district board will meet on January 15 where a possible vote could take place on the future of the school.