Live From the White Pine: Boat Patrol

Apr 5, 2018

Boat Patrol stopped by the WXPR studios ahead of their show at ArtStart in downtown Rhinelander. Boat Patrol is Cai Mountjoy (Bass), Daleth Mountjoy (Keys), and Evan Verploegh (Drums).

Boat Patrol began creating music in the Fall of 2017 here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Built on an improvisational base, the trio uses a trove of influences and techniques from genres ranging from bluegrass to avant-garde jazz to create extensive musical landscapes and textures. Avoiding simple categorization, Boat Patrol explores every nook and cranny of the musical palate with each live performance serving as a unique portrait of the band.

You can find out more information about Boat Patrol - including upcoming shows - on Facebook, SoundCloud, or Instagram.