Live from the White Pine - Laura Erickson

Aug 5, 2013

Laura Erickson, creator and host of For the Birds, stopped by the WXPR studios Friday July 26th sharing her Conservation Big Year presentation with bird-loving WXPR members.

A major component of a birding big year is to see and document as many species as possible within the calendar year. Laura describes her objectives.

The conservation aspect brings into focus the present status and environmental landscape of all birds. Laura is particularly interested in endangered, threatened, and unprotected yet vulnerable species this year.

Her nationwide journey has stretched from New Mexico to Delaware thus far. An opportunity to see the Black-capped Vireo in the Wichita Mountains of Oklahoma created a heavenly ornithological experience. Here's Laura on the sheer excitement of encountering an endangered species followed by her commitment to casting light on birds in need. 

You can see and learn more about Laura's Conservation Big Year and bird species of conservation concern at her website    

Congratulations, Laura, on 481 species so far!  Thank you for sharing with the WXPR community and thanks to the WXPR members who make Live from the White Pine events such as this possible.