Marshfield Clinic Offers $400,000 To Non-Profits During Crisis

Mar 23, 2020

Credit MCHS

Marshfield Clinic Health Systems has created a $400,000 Community Support Fund to help local non-profit agencies provide services during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Vice-president for Community Health Jay Shrader says they want to get funds to agencies as quickly as possible...

"The fund was our health system's way to provide community-based organizations some resources very quickly to help respond to COVID..."

Shrader says the fund will help food insecurity, childcare, elder care, emergency transportation or other challenges due to the statewide public health emergency. The funds are for agencies within the Marshfield Clinc and Security Health service area...

"The organizations must be 501(c) related. Schools, churches, local units of government, United Ways, YMCA's all have the ability to access these funds..."

Shrader says the funding will stay until is is used up. He says they think the dollars put forth are a good start for these types of community-based organizations and he says they will monitor the situation to see if they need add more money. He says they made the application process as simple as possible.

Shrader says a key is for the local agencies to contact local response leadership to make sure their effort is not duplicating some other organization's response.

Additional eligibility and funding information, along with the application can be found at the Marshfield Clinc website under COVID.