Mendez In Court Leading To A Long April Trial

Mar 14, 2019

Robin Mendez with attorney Peter Prusinski
Credit WXPR

The prosecution and defense are moving forward toward an April trial date for a Minocqua man accused of killing his wife three decades ago.

70 year old Robin Mendez is charged with the April 28, 1983 homicide of his wife Barbara at the Park City Credit Union in Minocqua. The case was dormant until the cable TV show "Cold Justice" picked it up and sent a crew of investigators to Oneida county. Along with the Oneida County Sheriff's Department, they were able to find enough evidence to convince District Attorney Mike Schiek to file a 1st degree homicide charge.

Robin Mendez
Credit Oneida Co. Sheriff's Dept.

Mendez' appearance before substitute Judge Jill Falstad of Marathon county was largely procedural, with an agreement on who can provide testimony.

Mendez' attorney Peter Prusinski is preparing a 500 paragraph document called a Denny motion. That motion allows the defendant to show evidence that someone else might have done the crime...

"...That is correct your Honor. At this time we have a Denny motion we are raising with respect to two potential suspects and at this point the offer of proof is very extensive. .."

The pre-trial hearing on that motion is set for April 1. A court trial is set for April 8 and is blocked off the court calendar until April 30.