More COVID-19 Cases Found At Forest County Nursing Home

May 22, 2020

Credit WAOW Television

The Bay at Nu-Roc in Laona first reported confirmed cases of COVID-19 on May 5 when two staff members received positive test results.

The facility, then moving to test all residents. Those tests led to 10 positive results among residents.

Corina Krueger, the Regional Director of Operations for Champion Care (the company that operates The Bay at Nu-Roc), said all the residents that tested positive have thus far been asymptomatic.

"We did create a unit within the facility to quarantine all of the residents. So, it does have barriers which would be separate doors, separate entrances according to protocols that we received from CDC," Krueger said.

They are now working with the county public health department to implement regular testing for residents and staff.

"They're helping us also secure testing to make sure we have the adequate testing equipment and that we get it in a timely manner," Krueger said.

Additionally, just one positive case at a nursing home does initiate an investigation by the state Department of Health Services. Krueger said they're expecting that and plan to work with officials.