National Poetry Month Celebrated At Nicolet College, ArtStart

Apr 20, 2017


April is National Poetry Month and Nicolet College is holding its 7th Annual Poetry Project.

Ocie Kilgus is a Nicolet instructor and coordinator of the project. The best original writing from both a student and community member will be judged after the project ends on April 30. The winning student will be awarded the $300 Ron Parkinson Poetry Matters Student Scholarship. The community member will receive dinner for two at Church Street Inn in Hazelhurst.

Kilgus says aspiring poets will also have a chance to read their works at ArtStart in Rhinelander...

" conjunction with(Poetry Project) ArtStart is hosting an open mike event April 21 at 7:00 p.m. in the downtown ArtStart Gallery. It's an opportunity for students and community members to come and read their own poems or their favorite poems, to listen to others if they don't want to participate and simply relax and enjoy the evening...."

She says in our blizzard of words and electronics, poetry holds a special place...

"....I could say this, 'winter is not over yet because there are 10 oak leaves on the tree.' That doesn't say anything, right? Or I could say this, 'hanging on by a thread, you flaunt and dangle the remnants of winter. When I plead for spring, you turn your back in disdain.' The second one reflects what I see or experience, the long, long winter. The first one lacks emotion. In that sense, that is what poetry is meant to do...."

The details of the Poetry Project can be found online at or contact Ocie Kilgus at Nicolet College. A link is here.