Never Forgotten Honor Flight Heals Veterans: Co-Founder

Apr 8, 2019

Vietnam Memorial
Credit snyderico3

The 35th Never Forgotten Honor Flight is heading to Washington, D.C. today to bring one World War II, Korean, Vietnam and veterans to see the monuments of their conflicts.

Flight co-founder Jim Campbell says the cross-generational meeting of the veterans is always very well remembered by the group. 64 guardians will also be going along on the one-day flight.

Campbell says the discussion between generations also has paid other dividends..

"..It's actually a trip that is healing for those veterans from all three generations, but most particularly of the Vietnam generation. Healing some pain that is now five decades old..."

Campbell says the flights have helped some veterans who have dealt with other issues...

"But those that were in combat that had post-traumatic stress, we've seen some dramatic changes in men with post-traumatic stress after going on the trip. Literally the healing that takes place is unbelievable..."

After today's trip, the Never Forgotten Honor Flight will have taken 3,250 veterans to Washington, D.C. during the past 10 years. Campbell says when they started the flights, they never thought it would continue this long, but is glad that the flights are continuing.

Any veterans from World War II, Korea or Vietnam are eligible to go, and Campbell says you don't have to be a combat veteran to go on the flight.

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