New Budget, New Director At Rhinelander District Library

Oct 29, 2014

Credit Natalie Jablonski-WXPR

An arbitration hearing conducted among the government members of the Rhinelander District Library resulted in  a smaller increase than requested.

The city of Rhinelander and the towns of Newbold, Pine Lake, Crescent and Pelican form the district that supports the library.

The approved budget was $916,000. Library Board President Jan Baer(bear) says they had requested about $41,000 more than last year but that request was cut in half...

"...the 2014 budget was flat and that did give us some difficulties and at least this year we have approximately $20,000 more to work with than we did have...."

The vote to accept the smaller increase was 3-2. Baer says at the next library board meeting they will determine what budget line items will get more funding.

At a recent  Rhinelander city council meeting, City Administrator Blaine Oborn reported they would request the slightly over one percent increase to keep it in line with what the city budget increases have been.

On another note, the library's new Director, Virginia Woods-Roberts, began work this week. Baer says it was an appropriate meeting for Woods-Roberts to meet the town and city representatives that approve the annual budget.