New COVID-19 Death Reported in Lincoln County

Oct 19, 2020

Credit Lincoln County Health Department Facebook

The Lincoln County Health Department confirmed Friday a fifth death in Lincoln County associated with COVID-19. The person who died was in their 80’s and had underlying health conditions. 

Lincoln County Health Department Director Shelley Hersil said they were saddened by the loss of a community member, and extended sympathies to their loved ones and all impacted.

Meanwhile, the health department warned Lincoln County has recently seen a continuous surge of positive COVID-19 cases. They reported 120 new positive cases in just seven days. The health department said Lincoln County’s public health system is beyond capacity to respond to each person newly diagnosed with COVID-19 within 24 hours.

The Lincoln County Health Department says they’re doing their best to follow up with each positive case in a timely manner. Follow up will occur, but the response may be delayed.  Those with suspected COVID-19 should isolate at home and stay away with others.  You should also let people know if you were in close contact with them for up to two days before you started getting sick.