No Action But Opinions Strong On Torpy Park Trees

May 6, 2014

Torpy Park pines part of Minocqua skyline

The Minocqua town board took no action on a plan by the Minocqua Lions to build a pavilion at Torpy Park. But debate about whether to remove trees in the park brought out many opinions.

The plan is to remove 11 trees to facilitate a metal 56 by 96 building near the historic pavilion. The Lions would provide $50,000 for the building and construction, the town the other 50 thousand. Minocqua Lion Dean Olson said the goal was to provide a larger facility open to community and to house larger crowds such as during Beef A Rama. Tom Handrick said the plans were drawn to limit tree cutting..

"....there's a clump of nine trees that have grown together and are very small compared to some of the larger trees on the property....

While many opponents of the cutting praised the work of the Lions, they felt removing the trees to put up a metal building in the prime spot in Mincoqua would take away what is left of the Northwoods feel. They Sally Murwin...that the towering old pines preserve what people want in the Northwoods...

"....we have a beautiful park. This is not a fairgrounds. It's the only good park in Minocqua. So lets preserve it...(applause)

Artist Peggy Grinvalsky offered a redesign which would take into account all the activities at Torpy Park while preserving the site...

" that we can actually put together a park that everybody gets pretty much what they love out of it...."

Town Chair Mark Hartzheim asked for a show of hands what the town should consider from the special meeting. The wide majority of the 120 attendees agreed for the town to consider a comprehensive plan for the park.