No Charges Will Be Filed Against Rhinelander City Council Member

Mar 22, 2019

No charges are being filed by the Oneida County District Attorney's Office concerning an incident last month at Rhinelander City Hall. February 21, a computer consultant, Peggy Schauer, was approached by Council member Dawn Rog at city hall and a confrontation happened. Rog wanted Schauer to leave the building and Schauer maintained she was instructed to be there by City Administrator Daniel Guild. Schauer told investigators she had been shoved, but in a statement issued through her attorney, Rog maintained her hand brushed Schauer's coat. The Vilas County Sheriff's Department investigated the incident and recommended charges against Rog. But District Attorney Michael Schiek said no charges would be filed, saying he has to weigh several factors in bringing charges, including being able to prove the case. Rog released this statement saying she was grateful for the decision. We have Rog's response  to a copy of the letter Schiek addressed to Peggy Schauer and  below:

Rog:"Although, of course, I regret this incident took place at all, I thank the District Attorney Michael Schiek for reaching a fair decision reflecting the fact that there was no violation of any criminal statute or local ordinance, and that reports on this 30-second episode were much ado about nothing. It does, however, highlight the deep divide between certain members of the City Council vs. the City Administrator and Mayor on how we need to go about protecting the public’s right to know about what goes on at City Hall..... "

And the District Attorney's letter describing reasons for not pressing charges: