OC Board Ends Emergency Order, More COVID Cases Reported

Jun 16, 2020

Credit Wikimedia Commons Royalbroil

An order put in place in March granting emergency powers to Oneida County Board chair because of the pandemic has been lifted.

The Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to end the order. Board Chair David Hintz said enough progress has been made to lift the order...

"Basically what this resolution does is restore our county to pre-emergency condition. We still have to deal with the pandemic. I think this is a step forward in the reopening of Oneida county...."

County Public Health Director Linda Conlon gave the board the latest coronavirus numbers...

"As of yesterday afternoon, 2,181 test have been completed in Oneida county. 92 of those tests are pending, 2,072 of those tests are negative. We now have 17 positives and we have one antibody test that is positive. Of those confirmed cases, we have four in self-isolation, 13 have been released from isolation including individuals who had previously been hospitalized..."

Conlon says the test results are coming back much sooner. She says they find out about the results in one to two days.

Conlon says they moved the county into the Phase 2 recovery mode last week after the numbers showed it was possible. She says there has been an uptick in cases of late, but not enough to keep the county from it's recovery path.

She says hospitals and nursing facilities are reported an adequate supply of personal protection equipment for staff.