Official Says Tax Cuts Will Make A Difference For Majority

Apr 27, 2014

Revenue Secretary Richard Chandler in Rhinelander
Credit WXPR

The top state revenue official thinks average-income Wisconsin residents will appreciate lower taxes on property and income.

State Revenue Secretary Rick Chandler says property tax reforms passed by the legislature will show up this year for residents...

" taxes on a medium-valued home in Wisconsin have been flat for the last three years and they'll go down when they get their property tax bills in December of 2014. That contrasts with a 27 percent increase in the decade before Governor Walker took office....."

He says paychecks will also see a take-home pay increase...

" the income tax area, we estimate that a median income family of four....has seen their taxes cut by $400 from the cuts we've put in place in 2013 and 2014...."

The tax rebates were made possible by a $1 billion dollar budget surplus due to an improving national and state economy.

But many Democrats said the money was meager to lower-income state residents. Gov. Walker's challenger, Mary Burke said at the time of signing of the tax reforms into law that large gaps in funding the transportation budget and a structural deficit were left for the next budget.