Oneida Comprehensive Plan Approved

May 17, 2013

After three years of sometimes bumpy negotiations, Oneida county's Comprehensive Planning Oversight committee Friday finished work.

State government requires each county to have an updated plan in place. The plan looks at population, the economy, the land and waters and several other factors that work toward helping a community make sense.

A dispute arose whether the county should adopt a more 'top down' approach, or a 'bottom up' approach, where each of 20 towns and the city of Rhinelander adopt their own plan that essentially becomes the county's plan. The committee decided on the bottom up approach, but five towns remained slow in getting their plans finished.

Committee chair Gary Baier said the towns approved the new plan...

"....and I think one of the things the towns wanted to do was protect themselves so the county doesn't always overrule the towns. Each town has basically a different plan based on issues they deal with in their town. Minocqua has a multiple plan. A town like Lynne, a small town is probably simple...."

Baier says the plan will likely go to the full county board for discussion in July.