Oneida County Employees & Board To Get Active Shooter Training

Mar 20, 2018

Credit Wikimedia Commons

The Oneida County Board has approved mandatory active training shooting for all staff and county board members. 

"...before the meeting, one of the supervisors said it's too bad we have to do this, but we feel it's necessary for the safety of the county employees, as well as us as well as the public...."

...that's board chair David Hintz asking for approval of the resolution at Tuesday's meeting. With a long list of shooting incidents across the nation, the Oneida County Sheriff's Department is putting together a training session for those in the courthouse, including everyone on the county board.

Human Resources Director Lisa Charbarneau says the need is there...

"....when you look at what other employers are providing for training I think this is very critical. There are a lot of things we do in this building the affect people very severely. The courts are here, children are removed from their parents, so there are things that aren't always as positive. There are a lot of things here that can cause anger..."

In order for employees to take the training, the county board had to order it. The Building and Grounds committee has been working on a plan for courthouse security. Vilas county recently began a new security procedure after new construction at the courthouse in Eagle River.

Supervisor Bob Mott had a near-by experience when he taught at Neenah High School...

"...there was an active shooter alert. They shut down the building. At that time you didn't know if the shooter was in the building or someplace else. It was actually a domestic kidnapping  with a shot involved about two blocks away. But the feeling you get when the announcement comes on is something you never forget...."

The trainings will be held over two Saturdays so people will have options when to attend. The vote to have the training was unanimous.