Oneida County Fair Begins Virtual Run Through August

Jul 10, 2020

Credit Oneida County Fair

The Oneida County Fair was canceled this year due to the COVID pandemic, but a virtual fair is beginning online with weeks of activities planned.

Fair Coordinator Tom Barnett details how this fair works...

"What we're planning on doing is having a whole bunch of different events. They will all be online whether they're live or through a pre-recorded situation. We're going to Wildwood Zoo on Friday. That will be recorded. We'll be discussing animals and talking about animals and putting that up on our Facebook page..."

The online activities will continue until the end of August. Barnett says they want to keep the fun going...

"We want to spread it out, keep people interested and have a good time as long as we can. With the virtual thing we don't have to worry about breaking things down and putting things away. We spread it out over a couple of months to give people something to look forward to.."

After Thursday's opening ceremony, a number of different displays are planned, even a ghost-hunt...

"We have a paranormal group called EVP Paranormal...they're going to be doing a live ghost investigation at the Pioneer Park Historical Complex..."

Friday is a contest 'Sexiest Legs In Kilts" and Saturday is Oneida County History with Kerry Bloedorn followed by many other presentations over the weeks.

We have a link to the Fair Facebook page here.