Outdoor Pets Safety Needs To Be Considered As Winter Settles In

Nov 28, 2019

Credit StarJournalnow.com

Winter is here and while humans do whatever it takes to stay warm, your furry friends need the same kind of consideration.

Oneida County Humane Society Director Bria Swarthout says it's good to know your pets limits if they are outside...

"..Making sure they have adequate food and water. This time of year water will freeze. Make sure there's either a water heater or going out to check the water for the pets. It's also a good idea if your pet is shorter-haired, get them a sweater or nice coat to wear so they can be o.k. in the elements..."

She says in extreme cold, bring the pets indoors as frostbite is a concern. She says to check the animal's paw pads to make sure they're not cracked or broken and snow doesn't get into the paw pads. S

warthout says they have 20 dogs looking for homes as are and 45 cats and 11 rabbits.

More information is at the Oneida County Humane Society website.