Park Falls Police Investigating Reports of Suspicious Behavior

Sep 18, 2020

Credit Park Falls Police

The Parks Falls Police Department says it’s been getting reports of suspicious activity that appears to be related.

On September 8th, the Chequamegon High School and Middle School cross country teams were returning to school after practice.

One child told police that a man in a white car approached him. The man said he was from out of town and asked where the hospital was. The man lit up a cigarette while talking to the boy. The boy’s father was parked nearby. As soon as the father drove up, the other man pulled away.

About a week later on September 16th, two boys were bicycling on Saunders Avenue near Hines Park. They told police a man in a white car drove up to them. He asked if they wanted to race and offered them some prizes. Both boys ignored him and rode away.

After looking into these incidents, Park Falls Police said staff at the Chequamegon School District may have seen the same man about a month ago. Two employees were walking on 9th North Street near the school. The say a man sitting in a white car smoking a cigarette and just sitting there.

The man is described as having grayish-brown hair and a mustache. He’s between 55 to 70 years old and medium build.

The car is an older white, four door, possibly a Buick LeSabre. There’s a crack in the windshield and the driver’s side head lamp is damaged.

Anyone who sees this man or car should not approach it. Police are asking you note the location and registration and then call police at 715-339-3011.

Police said they don’t know the intention of this man, but they find the behavior concerning.