Polar Vortex Reminds Residents To Check Insulation

Feb 5, 2019

Pink insulation
Credit pixabay.com

The Polar Vortex last week was a reminder to some that their home insulation sometimes is not up to the need. 75 percent of the nation had below freezing temperatures last week and some places set cold records.

Stacy Fitzgerald-Red
Credit North American Insulation Manufacturers

A spokesperson for the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, Stacy Fitzgerald-Red, says the bitter cold drafts you felt during the extreme cold reveal a need to improve your insulation, be it summer or winter...

"There's no bad time to insulate and air seal your home so you can have a more comfortable and energy-efficient home. That's the message I have for consumers today...."

Fitzgerald-Red says putting easily purchased fiberglass insulation in your attic will help save about one-third of your home's heat.

Fitzgerald-Red says if your home just won't stay warm there's a place to start...

"..The best way to do that is with an energy audit. An energy audit would cost about $300. But the energy auditor will identify the areas in your home or the problem areas in your home causing you to have the discomfort issues. Then, that auditor will also be able to tell you what type of insulation you have..."

From there, there could be recommendations on how to improve your home energy efficiency. She says after the work is done, there will be long term savings on energy bills that will offset the investment. She says the same insulation that keeps you warm also acts to lower your summer time cooling bills as well.

More information is at insulationinstitute.org