Public Comment Sought on NHAL ATV-UTV Routes

Jun 27, 2018

Credit Wisconsin DNR

The public will have an opportunity to comment on plans for expanded ATV-UTV trails in the Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest.

Approximately 11 miles of all-terrain and utility vehicle routes on Department of Natural Resources roads in the forest are proposed. The roads proposed for ATV/UTV designation will contribute to the eventual completion of a north-south route through the forest, connecting communities and providing additional recreation opportunities says Cameron Bump, DNR regional trails coordinator.

Bump says last fall as part of amending the forest's master plan, they approved some ATV-UTV trails. Bump says as part of the process they said there are trails they hadn't mapped yet, and they're working with local towns... 

"...a lot of that is because we're working with local governments in the area to make logical connections. We didn't want to force local governments into decisions. We want to make what potential road routes would coincide connections we'd make in the forest...."

The 2017 amendment designated about 42 miles of existing DNR roads as ATV-UTV routes or trails to connect the larger regional network. It also authorized the department to designate an additional 160 miles of ATV/UTV routes and trails on existing DNR roads that help build the overall network. The proposed variance adds approximately 11 miles to help build the overall network.

More information is available on the DNR website, key words 'property planning. Bump says questions or comments should be submitted by July 3 him via email at, phone at 715-839-2786.