Public Updated On Three Lakes Building Projects

Feb 7, 2018

Credit Town of Three Lakes

At Tuesday's town board meeting in Three Lakes, taxpayers got an update on four major construction projects currently underway.

Construction was slated to begin in 2018 on a new town office complex while at the same time next door major renovations to the Demmer Library are being undertaken. But meeting attendees learned that one of those projects has hit a snag. Town Chairman Jeff Bruss explains....

"number one, the library has been put out to bid and they're scheduled to award that bid  Feb. 20.  The town was scheduled to put out the bids as well. We did not put out the bids properly is the best way to put that. We are going to put those out for a rebid...."

Bruss didn't comment whether the delay in making an award would push back the groundbreaking. Completion of both projects is planned for November.

The board received a status report for the reconstruction of two dams. On Thunder Lake, photos were distributed to the town board members showing the project was  substantially complete.  Town engineer Jim Bollman from MSA Professional Services in Rhinelander....

"...Thunder  is 95 percent, we'll call it 90(percent complete). They have to come back, we have restoration, things like that. There may be some discussion  with Thunder as to what the final adjustability is...."

On Maple Lake, the town is expected to have the final report filed by March 15.