RD Library Getting Back On Track With Building Expansion

Mar 2, 2015

Credit WXPR

A change in library directors slowed the pace of planning for construction of an addition to the Rhinelander District Library.

Library Board President Jan Baer says they are hoping to get the process back on track with a meeting next month. Past Director Ed Hughes left for a job in Mississippi last summer and Baer says the process of hiring a new director and getting her up to speed caused a delay...


".....it took pretty much all of the summer to do interviews in our director search and now we're very happy to have Virginia Roberts on board since the end of October...."

Baer says they gave Roberts some time to learn about the progress to this point, and to learn her new job.

Baer says they are hoping to have a meeting where all the interested parties can sit together at one time and work out a plan. One person is a fundraising advisor who will give an idea of the potential in the community and offer support. Also in attendance will be a construction manager. Baer says they likely won't be moving forward anytime soon, but they will have the necessary planning in place to move forward at the right time.