Rhinelander Council Adopts Ethics Panel

Jul 29, 2020

Rhinelander Common Council meeting Monday
Credit HodagTV

Last fall, amid turmoil in Rhinelander government regarding actions by city officials, the common council approved the idea of an outside Ethics Board and the names of the people nominated to the board were presented Monday and approved.

The council named Michael Miller, Gary Entz, Christi Anderson,Lynn Feldman, and Doug Nelson has primary board members, with Ray Cheetham and Randy Bates as alternates.

Mayor Chris Frederickson said he used recommendations from City Attorney Steve Sorenson about establishing the group.

While the group has no formal power, it can make decisions that could involve law enforcement getting involved...

"I looked for people who didn't have particular interest in the politics, but in the idea of what is ethical. Ethical and legal are different. We needed somebody who can help us with our ethics here..."

Frederickson said he interviewed each person....

"It was an enjoyable process to interview these people. It was very interesting. They're in-depth and wonderful people of our community that want to make sure we're doing things ethically. It was fun..."

The members will be invited to the next meeting in August.

The names of the persons nominated to the board were not available in the packet sent out to the council and public prior to the meeting.