Rhinelander Library Project Close To Approval

Dec 17, 2013

Credit Natalie Jablonski-WXPR

A draft proposal for an addition to the Rhinelander District Library is nearing a decision by its Board.

The board has been working with an architect to provide additional space, especially meeting rooms says Library Director Ed Hughes...


"....I saw what was supposed to be the penultimate drawing for the plan, this is long before the final one, but I'm looking at it and I think there's some things in there that need to be fixed in my opinion. It's looking really good. If it was ready tomorrow I'd say, 'go ahead'.....

Hughes says the prospective plans provide for more meeting room space...


"...it has a really nice meeting room. It looks like it could seat about 200, but then it's divisible into three smaller meeting rooms, like you see at a conference in a hotel.

No decision was made. Hughes says fundraising will likely be the next step.

The board also is looking for a member to join them as one member recently resigned. They are accepting applications. The board also approved allowing new books to be loaned out for two weeks from the current one week. More information is available at the Rhinelander District Library.