Rhinelander Residents Invited To Share Opinions About The City

Feb 6, 2019

Credit pixabay.com

City of Rhinelander residents are invited to the ADRC of the Northwoods Friday to talk about their opinion on the city's future both positive and negative and to have a civil discussion on issues.

As the founding director of the Wisconsin Institute For Public Policy and Service, Eric Giordano says he works with university and community partners to address key policy issues using community-based solutions. Giordano is also an Associate Professor of Political Science at UW-Stevens Point.

Giordano says he was approached by local groups to discuss issues in a civil way...

"Maybe developing some skill sets and opportunities for residents of the area to learn how to engage in more civil dialogue and conversation and create greater civic participation around local issues that matter without getting into the incivility that seems to plague a lot of our national and even state conversations..."

Giordano says he first wanted to learn about what local residents think and to listen...

"..There really is in some instances, differences of opinions and priorities between those who live within the city limits of Rhinelander and those who live outside. Of course there's going to be commonalities and confluences of interests, but in some cases there are differences. Most of the people I've listened to so far live outside the city limits and these next two sessions I'm focusing on residents in the city proper...."

Giordano will be at the ADRC of the Northwoods Friday, February 8 from 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM in the Cedar Room at the ARDC of the Northwoods in the Trig's mall area. He will also be there the following Friday, February 15. He says residents can drop in any time to talk with him and share opinions.