Rhinelander Streetscape Delayed By Bad Weather

May 2, 2017

Davenport Street looking west. The bridge will close May 8.
Credit WXPR

The weather has slowed the beginning of the Rhinelander Streetscape project for this season, but an official says it still will be done in time for the July 4th parade downtown. A significant construction project redid the underground infrastructure downtown and an initial paving of the streets took place.

City Director of Public Works Tim Kingman says crews are beginning the second and final phase. He says they intended on beginning the project on April 15 but lousy weather slowed construction....

"...what it means is that we will be closing the Davenport St. bridge on May 8. That is likely the most visible thing that is occurring in this construction season this year...."

Davenport Street is the middle of three bridges crossing the Wisconsin River and has a significant amount of daily traffic.

He says the rest of the work includes resurfacing the streets with a final cover and doing touchups on the concrete....

"...all this work is still on track where we will be finishing up sometime in the middle of June. We're looking very much to a July 4 parade on our new facilities...."

Kingman says the construction schedule was set up with some flexibility in it but the bad weather has used up some of that flexibility. He says unlike the extended street closures last year, this year's work will only interfere a day or two.