Road Map For Pleasure Island Rd. Construction Approved

May 19, 2020

Northland Pines at Pleasure Island Rd.
Credit Wikimedia Commons Royalbroil

Construction monitoring for Pleasure Island Road was approved by the Eagle River city council recently along with creating the roadway design in preparation for a request for proposals this fall for the estimated $1,166,657 project from Highway 45 at Highway G south to Highway 45 across from Airport Road.

MSA was awarded the design phase for a lump sum of $89,740 and construction monitoring at a not- to-exceed cost of $63,350.

The project includes the entire length of Pleasure Island Road to be reconstructed including milling and relaying, culverts to improve drainage, drive aprons and pavement with geo-grid, base course and asphalt surface.

A bike path and bike lanes will be incorporated into the project and a six foot wide sidewalk will extend north from the school campus to Highway 45. The south one-way portion will be 18 feet wide and include a 10 foot wide bike path separated from the roadway. The two-way portion will be 34 feet wide and include two 5 foot wide paved shoulders for bike access and 12 foot driving lanes.

There will be a 600 square foot thermoplastic surface for snowmobile crossing.

Construction is expected to begin next May with $750,000 funding from a state grant. The remainder of funds will come from the city along with a commitment of $120,000 from Northland Pines. Completion is anticipated September, 2021.